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Should You Build Your Online Store with Shopify or Magento?

Updated: May 1

(Shopify) Peace of Mind or Big Headache (Magento)

Imagine launching your store, and investing in Google Ads, only to discover that over 1/3rd of conversions aren't being tracked.

And over 70% of the clicks sent by Google Ads aren't recorded by GA4?

That's the nightmare our client faces with their Magento-based store.

Despite successful testing of conversion tracking and even a test transaction, some weird bugs are causing Google Ads to track only a fraction of actual conversions compared to total sales.

Now, let's contrast this with hosted platforms like Shopify. With an unbreakable checkout process, such tracking issues are virtually unheard of.

Unlike Magento, where even the most minor errors can wreak havoc, Shopify offers peace of mind for business owners.

Our client's ordeal stemmed from misleading advice, claiming Magento was the SEO gold standard for online stores.

However, the truth is starkly different.

SEO benefits (if any) pale in comparison to the headaches and missed opportunities caused by tracking issues, code errors, and even hosting server downtime.

For startups and early-stage DTC brands, the choice is clear: opt for Shopify.

Save yourself the agony and uncertainty associated with custom development.

Reserve the complexity of Magento for when your online store hits the million-dollar mark and you have the team, time, and resources to handle this beast.

Make the wise choice for your business's future. Choose Shopify for seamless, stress-free e-commerce success.

As a Google Ads agency, we can do very little if you run into tech issues with your website.

We are here to put our heart, mind, sweat, and blood into making your ads and campaigns perform at their best and deliver the highest possible ROAS, MER, and sales.

Would you still choose to build with Magento or choose Shopify?


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