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Whitelabel Google Ads Management Services
for PPC Agencies, Meta Ads Agencies, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs


Seamless and Confidential Whitelabel Google Ads Management

At Guided PPC, we offer 100% Whitelabel Google Ads Management services, designed to seamlessly integrate with your business operations while maintaining complete confidentiality. Using a neutral email, we manage your clients' campaigns in the background, ensuring our identity remains undisclosed.

Comprehensive Campaign Management

Our team takes full responsibility for managing your clients' Google Ads campaigns. We handle everything from campaign setup and optimization to ongoing management and performance monitoring. Our meticulous approach includes:

  • Campaign Structuring and Management: We meticulously structure and manage campaigns to align with your clients' business goals.

  • Optimization Activities: Our experts continuously optimize bids, budgets, targeting, and more to ensure optimal performance.

  • Performance Analysis: We identify performance trends and adjust strategies to maximize results.

Detailed Reporting and Strategy Calls

We provide you with comprehensive weekly reports and bi-weekly strategy calls to keep you informed about your clients' campaign performance. During these strategy calls, we cover:

  • Campaign Structure: An overview of how campaigns are organized and managed.

  • Optimization Activities: Insights into the actions taken to enhance performance.

  • Performance Trends: Analysis of key performance metrics and trends.

  • Thought Process: Explanation of the strategies and decisions behind our management approach.

Client Interaction Support

If needed, our team can participate in client calls, posing as your team members. We are ready to answer any strategic or technical Google Ads questions your clients may have, ensuring they receive expert guidance and support.

Special Whitelabel Partner Discounts

As a token of our commitment to our whitelabel partners, we offer a 20% discount on services for two or more client accounts. This special offer ensures you can maximize the value of our partnership while providing top-tier Google Ads management to your clients.

Partner with Us Today

Interested in enhancing your service offerings with our Whitelabel Google Ads Management? Contact us today to learn more about our partnership opportunities and how we can help you deliver exceptional results for your clients without the hassle of managing campaigns yourself.


Get A Free Google Ads Audit

You probably do. A lot has changed in Google Ads over the last 12 months, so even if your campaigns are doing okay, it never hurts to have a 2nd pair of eyes audit your campaigns:

How We Help Our Clients Scale Profitably with Google Ads

At Guided PPC, we drive exceptional growth with expertly structured Google Ads campaigns, achieving ROAS from 300% to 3000% and boosting sales from $500 to $50,000 per day profitably. Our expertise covers Search, Shopping, Performance Max, Dynamic Remarketing, Video Conversion, and Demand Generation, with strategic bid planning for optimal results.

We go beyond Google Ads, recognizing that 70% of the impact comes from understanding your business, products, and services. We focus on core competencies, competitive advantages, and creating optimized landing pages and CRO funnels. This comprehensive approach ensures we convert traffic into significant, profitable growth for your business.

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