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Limited Google Ads Budget? We've Got You Covered.

Updated: Jan 8

We specialize In Google Ads Accounts With $20k Or Less In Monthly Ad Spend and charge a flat fee of $699.

You'll still get world-class Google Ads management including:

✅ Work directly with a world-class team of Specialists

✅ Get weekly campaign performance reports

✅ Discuss strategies every week with our team of experts

✅ We take care of everything about tracking and pixels

✅ We provide you with Website CRO optimization suggestions

For all of the above, we charge a flat fee of $699 for Google Ads accounts spending less than $20,000 per month.

That's 1/4th of what any a-class Google Ads agency would charge you. So how and why do we offer this service at such a low cost?

❤️ We have a heart for small businesses because we are one.

❤️ We have a cost of living advantage that we'd love to pass on to you.

❤️ We would love to help your business grow so ultimately we grow.

And make no mistake - we're really good at this, Google Ads that is.

Because we have done this successfully for bigger clients at big agencies. But those big agencies charge a premium fee and most small businesses can't afford them.

I've seen a number of clients leave because:

❌ They couldn't afford the big agency fee anymore

❌ Their business didn't grow profitably as fast as they expected

❌ Therefore they wanted to learn Google Ads and do it inhouse

But here is the thing - learning the complexities of Google Ads and trying to figure it out by yourselves, hoping to apply some tricks, or press some magic buttons that will bring sales or leads is just going to...

👎 Slow you down and stress you out

👎 Shift your focus away from the core business

👎 And it'll take a lot of time away from you

You need real experts to do the job and it doesn't have to cost a hand or a leg.

Give us a try!

✌️We'll make Google Ads work for you.

✌️We will help your business scale profitably.

✌️And we'll charge you a reasonable fee.

Let's start with a Free, No-obligation audit!


Hi ✋ I’m Santosh, founder of Guided PPC. A Google Ads agency dedicated to scaling e-commerce businesses beyond 6 figures with Google Ads.

Fed up with lackluster results? Feeling ignored by your current agency? Get in touch. We do things differently.

🚀 If you’re spending $3k+ a month on Google Ads, Get a Free Audit + Action plan

🔖 Want to Learn Google Ads? Join Guided PPC Google Ads Academy

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