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How to Recover from a Circumventing Systems Policy Suspension

How Recover from a Circumventing Systems Policy Suspension


If you've found yourself entangled in the complexities of a circumventing systems policy suspension on Google Ads, fear not. At Guided PPC, a leading Google Ads agency, we specialize in helping businesses like yours navigate through such challenges. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of resolving a circumventing systems suspension and getting your advertising campaigns back on track.

Understanding Circumventing Systems Policy:

Google's advertising policies are designed to maintain fairness and integrity within its advertising ecosystem. Violations of the circumventing systems policy involve actions aimed at gaining unfair advantages, such as cloaking techniques, multiple account usage, or attempts to manipulate Google's review systems. Familiarizing yourself with these policies is crucial for compliance and reinstatement.

Guided PPC's Approach to Handling Suspensions:

Our proven process begins with a thorough examination of your website, Google Ads account, and advertising campaigns to identify potential policy violations. We address common triggers for circumventing systems suspensions, such as redirects, site links pointing to Google My Business, or malicious code injection, ensuring compliance with Google's guidelines.

How Guided PPC Can Assist You:

With our deep expertise in Google Ads product features and systems policy, Guided PPC is equipped to guide you through the suspension recovery process. We leverage strategic insights and tailored solutions to safeguard your marketing campaigns and facilitate successful reinstatement. Our goal is not only to fix current suspensions but also to empower your business against future challenges, ensuring long-term success in digital advertising.

Quoting Google on Policy Guidelines:

Google strictly prohibits practices that circumvent or interfere with its advertising systems and processes. Examples include cloaking techniques aimed at manipulating review systems, using multiple accounts to post non-compliant ads, or attempting to re-enter the system after a previous suspension. Violations of this policy are taken seriously and may result in immediate suspension without prior warning.


Recovering from a circumventing systems policy suspension may seem daunting, but with Guided PPC by your side, it's entirely achievable. Our expert team is committed to guiding you through the process, resolving policy violations, and reinstating your Google Ads account for effective and compliant advertising. Don't let a suspension halt your digital marketing efforts—partner with Guided PPC and unlock the path to online success.


Remember, if you believe there's been an error in the suspension decision, submitting an appeal with thorough, accurate, and honest information is crucial. Google only reinstates accounts in compelling circumstances, so ensure your appeal addresses the issues comprehensively.


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