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🔥How do you scale a Google Ads campaign from $100 to $50k per day?🚀

Updated: Jan 8

How do you scale a Google Ads campaign from $100 to $50k per day?

Key Lessons and 'Secret Weapons'👇

1. You need products that sell (test until you find those)

2. You need LPs and Funnels that convert (test & optimize)

3. Don't hate 'Optimized Targeting' it can work and scale (secret weapon)

4. Learn to analyze data and performance trends

5. Spot the momentum when it's building up and don't let it pass

6. Accept the 'Budget Recommendations' when the odds are in favor (secret weapon)

7. Adjust the CPA/ROAS targets to tune things up

8. Test different campaign types, structures, networks, targeting, and assets

9. Do not rule out something that hasn't worked in the past, every account/campaign/product/market is unique

10. Learn to take calculated risks and stick to your calculations

11. Don't panic when cost scales quickly but conversions don't follow, let the data and trends guide your decisions.

12. Use the right KPIs - conversions by time give you a more realistic picture vs conversions by click.

13. Account for conversion lag and conversion window realistically before pressing the panic button.

14. Scaling the budget from $200 to $600 is not very different from $20,000 to $60,000 unless you read the performance trend wrong.

15. Learn to keep your cool, always let the data guide your decision-making.

16. Practice breathing, anulom-vilom helps in pressure situations.

17. Learn to set and manage expectations.

18. I repeat, learn to keep your cool.


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