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Here's the Google Ads checklist we recommend for Q4:

Updated: Jan 8

1. Finalize Your KPI for Success:

If you haven't decided what your business's success looks like, then it's time to do this NOW. Is it ROAS, MER, or CAC? The decision has to be made now otherwise you'll end up shooting for the wrong target and mess things up.

2. Reevaluate Your Agency Partner:

Regardless of how good they looked on paper when you hired them, it's time to reevaluate the relationship. Have they been able to scale up results? Have you been a priority client for them or been ignored? Do they know what they claim to be doing ie Google Ads?

You are just a 'Free Audit' away from finding out.

3. Jailbreak Your Google Ads Account:

Many agencies out there will run campaigns for you with a Google Ads or Merchant Center account they created. If you've fallen for this trick then it's time to jailbreak your accounts. You must fire this agency immediately and make sure you own the Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts.

4. Fix Product Feed Issues

It's time to fix all of your product feed issues that may have either caused product disapproval or limited performance. I fixed over 5,000 products with these 5 feed rules:

5. Test and Identify Winning Products

There is no overnight success on Google Ads nor there is any guarantee that your best products will necessarily sell best on Google. Therefore you need time to run these products on a shopping or PMax campaign, let some data come through the door, and then identify winning products based on conversions and ROAS.

6. Think Through Compelling Offers Now

Come Q4 and every competitor of yours will be running offers. You, therefore, need to think ahead and finalize some winning offers that will stand your brand/store out from the competition.

7. Prepare and Test Ad Creatives

While your ad creatives' text headlines, descriptions, and images may have offers embedded in them, you still have to come up with a mix of other compelling reasons why they would buy from you. Therefore it's time now to test those headlines, descriptions, and images and find the winning ones.

8. Prepare Videos Ads (Don't Miss)

You may have never run video ads but YouTube video action campaigns are now converting well for DTC brands that have a great product on offer as well as videos that explain the product well, highlight compelling use cases, customer reviews, before/after, and more. Don't miss out on video ads this Q4.

9. Improve CRO for Product and Checkout Pages

Install free live click monitoring tools Microsoft Clarity, Mouseflow, or, Hotjar, and watch session recordings of how people use and navigate through your website. You'd discover surprising reasons why they aren't going all the way through the order confirmation page.

10. Hire Us, We'll Take Care of Everything

Well, you're busy with a million other things for Q4, so let us take care of Google Ads for you.


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