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Attention to Detail: The Real Game-Changer in Google Ads

Attention to Detail The Real Game-Changer in Google Ads

Imagine running Google Ads for over a year and not showing the "Add to Cart" button to 70% of mobile visitors!!!

No matter how advanced your Google Ads strategies are, you will be throwing money down the drain on Google Ads.

And that's exactly what one of my Rockstar Google Ads Specialists recently discovered on an account he was managing.

Now, this attention to detail did come at a steep price, but we are both glad it did, finally.

Not too long ago, I gave this same rockstar specialist a really tough time when I noticed that the hero product on the home page of a client he was managing had a broken link on the product title.

And I went berserk!

A bitter pill was required, and I served it without any mercy because I wanted to ensure he would never lose sight of this, ever.

The pill was so bitter that my rockstar specialist couldn't take it and even quit on me.

Fast forward a couple of months, and he shared this recent discovery with me during a chat yesterday!

He was brimming with confidence and pride, and I was so happy to witness this heroic effort.

I told him, "Look, if I had gone easy on you during that incident, you probably wouldn't have taken this so seriously and found this grave mistake."

And he agreed with a chuckle.

That's the kind of transformation I like to see with my Google Ads Specialists.

Because if you have trained or worked with me, you carry my reputation, and it becomes personal.

Also, given that I care deeply about our clients, I would not tolerate any lackluster attitude towards their Google Ads campaigns.

After all, you are spending their hard-earned money, and if you don't consider this money going out of your pocket, I will make sure you do.

In the end, we have a happy client, a happy specialist, and a happy agency where he now works.

And 'Yours Truly' feels a great sense of accomplishment.


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