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🔥🚀 5-step process to do Google Ads better than most agencies:

Step 1: Clearly identify your Business Goals. No, your ad showing on top, people viewing your product pages, or adding to cart is not your business goal.

Step 2: Identify your Campaign Goals and accordingly plan campaigns. Throwing everything in one campaign or creating a campaign for every product is like shooting in the air. You have to aim.

Step 3: Map Bid Strategies with campaign goals. Neither manual CPC nor Maximize conversion is the right one in every case.

Step 4: Learn to manage bids. When to use tCPA or tROAS, when not to, and how much to bid, increase, or decrease. This is where you’ll make the maximum impact. So you got to think.

Step 5: Learn to manage budgets efficiently across campaigns. This also requires thinking and testing before identifying your sweet spot wrt CPA, ROAS, or CAC.

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