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โŒ You'll NOT become a Google Ads Expert with this mindset. ๐Ÿ‘‡

The Mindset:

โŒ I am a 10/10 and I'm already an expert

โŒ I only need advanced tips, tricks, and strategies

โŒ I've been doing Google Ads for years, what's there to learn?

โŒ I've worked at Google (support center), isn't that enough?

โŒ I need someone to teach me, better live or in-person

โŒ I just need a job and the job will teach the rest

โŒ Nobody can possibly know better than me

โŒ I've done an expensive course, isn't that enough?

โŒ I've done a digital marketing course, and Google Ads too!

โŒ I'll just watch someone do it, why get my hands dirty?

Did I miss anything? Please add in the comments.

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