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What’s the worst nightmare of running a Google Ads agency?

Updated: Feb 12

What’s the worst nightmare of running a Google Ads agency?

What’s the worst nightmare of running a Google Ads agency?

Without a doubt, it's about working with a Google Ads person on the client’s end with the 2013 mindset of Google Ads.

Well, this is 2023.

Things have changed.

Rather radically.

Imagine driving a car today without navigation, would you?

Well, Google Maps navigation didn’t exist in 2003.

And people still drove cars.

But with limited visibility of 10, 20, or at best 100 meters.

Fast forward to today, we have the entire route mapped out with traffic congestion on the way, alternative routes, toll fees en route, and whatnot.

Find me, someone, today who would still drive a car without navigation.

That person would either have to remember the entire route by heart or you would be asking people every few kilometers whether to go left, right, or ahead.

Likewise, someone with a 2013 mindset could still do Google Ads.

But at what cost?

And results?

Well, it's incredibly difficult to explain to someone why we don’t run with Manual CPC at all times for all campaigns.

Or why don’t we change budgets and bids based on yesterday’s data?

Or why do we look at ROAS by time and not ROAS by click?

Worse try explaining the difference between the two. lol.

The moment this person joins the client’s team, you are pretty much destined to lose that client.

Has this happened to you?

Have you successfully recovered from that situation?

How did you do that?


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