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What I initially thought the Guided PPC would deliver vs how it has actually evolved!

Updated: Jan 18

Here's what I thought the program could deliver:

✅ Give hands-on Google Ads campaign management experience

✅ Experience real-world challenges in scale and profitability

✅ Give the discipline to get things done on live campaigns

✅ Help improve interpersonal and communication skills

✅ Prepare them for specialist roles in world-class agencies

And how they are actually using the coaching program? Here you go:

🚀 They get their accounts and campaigns audited

🚀 Ask millions of questions facing crossroads in strategy

🚀 Learn from each other's accounts, challenges, and solutions

🚀 Understand complex concepts as they are simplified here

🚀 Deep dive into Google Ads concepts and strategies

Obviously, the group coaching program was primarily targeted at wannabe Google Ads Specialists who lacked hands-on experience.

Those who were asking for the internship roles.

However, none of them signed up.

The candidates who signed up are already working as Google Ads specialists, managers, and independent consultants!

And happy to see this program evolve this way!

After all, I am here to help them level up in Google Ads, be it as:

- Better Google Ads Specialists

- Better Marketing Managers

- Better Independent Consultants

However, the only regret I have is that those who were looking for internship roles and hands-on experience aren't taking advantage of this coaching program. 😟

Could it be that they can't afford the $149 per month fee?

Or that they don't see the value in it?

What's your take?

What I initially thought the Guided PPC would deliver vs how it has actually evolved!


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