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Top 6 Reasons Why DTC Brands Should Fire Their Google Ads Agency Now!

Updated: Jan 17

Here are the top 6 reasons why DTC Brands should fire Their Google Ads Agency and hire the right agency partner instead:

Why DTC Brands Should Fire Their Google Ads Agency

1. They Spend Heavily On Your Brand Keywords

If your agency spends most of your budget on your brand keywords, there are two possibilities a) They have limited Google Ads skills and/or b) They don't want to try harder to scale your sales but hide behind high ROAS from brand campaigns.

2. They Do Not Send You Weekly Reports

If your PPC agency doesn't send you weekly reports, chances are that they have nothing to talk about, they do not want to expose their inaction, or your account is simply too small for them to care.

3. They Avoid Getting On A Call With You

Again, they aren't doing much so they have nothing to talk about or they just don't care because you are too small a client for them. If this is happening to you, stop everything to start preparing to FIRE your agency now. They don't deserve your business for another millisecond.

4. They Send Client Managers To Talk To You

This is a really serious sign of a PPC agency that cares more about managing you efficiently than managing your campaigns. Regardless of how well spoken is your POC (the client manager) at the agency, that guy managing your campaigns is the person to talk to. If your agency doesn't like the idea, it's better to part ways and find the one that does (we do by the way).

5. They Don't Allow Access To Your Google Ads Account

This is a horrifyingly weird one but I have rescued some DTC brands from the clutches of such 'hold the gullible unsuspecting clients hostage' agencies. Their excuse: Oh the Google Ads account is our intellectual property or that we run campaigns for multiple clients from this account we can't let you see campaigns. Absolutely silly excuse and a plain vanilla lie. Jump ship now

6. They Keep Talking About How Great Is Meta Ads

If your PPC agency talks mostly about Meta Ads with you then I have strong reasons to suggest that they don't freaking know Google Ads and therefore, however great they are doing with your Meta Ads campaigns, you should fire them for Google Ads now.

Is there anything that sounds weird or alarming about your PPC agency? Let me know in the comments, and I can confirm if you should be worried.


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