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Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024

Updated: Mar 20

Here are 10 of the most relatable and amusing Google Ads memes that perfectly capture the essence of advertising in 2024.

10- Google Ads Fail

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024 - Top10

This meme captures the struggle of maintaining composure when encountering three actions marked as primary for tracking purchase conversions.

9- Learn the Basics

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024- Top9

Master the basics before the advanced. Guided PPC guides you through Google Ads essentials.

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024- Top8

The meme humorously highlights the loyalty to old AdWords strategies, unable to embrace new approaches despite their longevity in the digital marketing world

7- Google Ads guy on Client side vs Agency side

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024- Top7

The meme humorously portrays the contrast between someone who claims to know Google Ads while on the client's team and when interviewed for a job at an agency

6- Bad Google Ads Agencies and Reps

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024- Top6

This meme humorously depicts bad Google Ads agencies and representatives opting for ineffective strategies instead of learning how to effectively use Google Ads

5- Mr Bean Waiting for Google Ads Conversions Meme

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024- Top5

This meme humorously portrays Mr. Bean eagerly awaiting "Purchases" from Google Ads after setting up "Pageviews" as the primary conversion action, showcasing the comical misunderstanding of conversion tracking.

4-You’re not a Google Ads Expert if…

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024- Top4

This meme humorously suggests that simply spending heavily on Meta ads and running Brand Search on Google does not qualify someone as a Google Ads expert, highlighting the misconception around expertise in digital advertising

3- BingAds Copies Google Ads PMax

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024- Top3

The meme humorously captures the scenario of Google launching PMax, prompting BingAds to consider imitation, and eventually, Bing launching PMax two years later, humorously illustrating the imitation of Google's innovations.

2- Disconnected Team

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024- Top2

Overall, the meme highlights the importance of cohesion and coordination within a team to maximize the impact of their efforts.

1-Did Google Ads fail on you?

Top 10 Google Ads Memes of 2024 - Top1

This meme suggests that the failure of campaigns may not be attributed to Google Ads, but rather to other factors such as the landing page, funnel, offer, pricing, reviews, and more.


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