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The more you wait, the greater price you pay!

Updated: Jan 18

Every day I wake to some positive news about how someone got a job with the help of Guided PPC Google Ads course.

Do you really want to delay those job opportunities while waiting for a petty discount or trying to get this course for free?

In fact, part of the reason why I had to make this course paid is to make people take this course seriously.

The opportunity cost will be much higher tomorrow than the price ($49) you pay today.

The best time to take this most effective ever Google Ads course is NOW:

The more you wait, the greater price you pay!


Hi ✋ I’m Santosh, founder of Guided PPC. A Google Ads agency dedicated to scaling e-commerce businesses beyond 6 figures with Google Ads.

Fed up with lackluster results? Feeling ignored by your current agency? Get in touch. We do things differently.

🚀 If you’re spending $3k+ a month on Google Ads, Get a Free Audit + Action plan

🔖 Want to Learn Google Ads? Join Guided PPC Google Ads Academy

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