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The Daily Standup Calls are probably hated by most teams

Updated: Jan 8

But here is a story that might change your mind!

When I started building the team of Google Ads Specialists at Solutions 8, I hired everyone as a trainee, on purpose.

Even if the mandate from Kasim was to hire the best and pay them better!

But I wanted to find some of the most passionate and driven individuals who hadn't got the right platform yet to prove themselves and grow.

Having struggled my way through where I am today, this was a payback opportunity and I made the most of it.

It's not always about the salary you're paid or the position you hold. Sometimes things get personal.

However, as I went on to hire those folks, Kasim had a huge concern and a pushback. He said:

"Santosh, you can hire these trainees but I won't let you put them in client-facing roles."

He wasn't wrong in saying that because the folks I was hiring as trainees had great passion and hunger for growth but they lacked one important skill: Communication!

Even though they spoke English well, they lacked a bit of confidence I figured.

So I decided that I would make them speak at least for a minute every day on our standup calls.

And I did not stop there.

I even made them lead the standup calls, taking their turns.

After every standup call, I would ask the call leader to pick one person who made a great 60 seconds presentation on the call and we would cheer and clap for that person.

I am sure most of the team hated it back then but I didn't budge (I was the boss after all 😎). I made them do it every day, without fail.

We celebrated wins and welcomed new joiners in style by changing our zoom background to a red carpet.

And there were times when we even cried together, especially during the 2nd wave of covid when some of my teammates lost their dear ones.

Fast forward to today: Every single one of those trainees is being headhunted by agencies. They are the hottest thing in Google Ads, yay!!!

Yes, those Daily Huddles made a big difference.

And I knew it wouldn't happen overnight but Rome wasn't built in a day either.


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