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Sometimes it's not Google Ads that failed you, but👇

Updated: Mar 15

It probably has to do with your:

- Bad Landing pages

- Broken Ordering Funnel

- Poor Product/service offerings

- Bad product-market fit

- Higher Pricing

- Zero competitive advantage

- Extremely low profit margins

- Slow-loading website pages

And more…

Besides, a lot can go wrong inside Google Ads as well, specially when an inefficient agency/consultant is managing it for you:

- Poorly written ad copy

- Inefficient audience targeting

- Bad campaign structure and mix

- Poor choice of bidding strategies

- Broken or no conversion tracking

- Not utilizing machine learning

And more…

So please stop and reflect on these aspects before you simply blame Google Ads for the mess.

“If you crash your car, it has more to do with your driving skills than the car itself.”

- Yours truly

Hope this helps!

Sometimes it's not Google Ads that failed you, but It probably has to do with you


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