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No offense intended, for educational purposes only!

Updated: Jan 17

I’m tired of saying no to candidates who apply for Google Ads Specialist positions with Google Support Center experience alone.

Even if you have 4+ years of experience and you’ve been managing a team of 20 support agents and you’ve been a trainer, this isn’t enough for a specialist role.

You need to get some hands-on experience building and managing campaigns.

You see, we can’t let you fly a real plane just because you have trained for years on a simulator, served as Air Traffic Control, cabin crew, or on-ground staff.

You need to be in the real plane, starting as a co-pilot and then becoming a pilot.

When you manage campaigns for a client, you’re in charge of spending their hard-earned money and that’s too risky unless you have some real-world experience.

Serving on Google support center for companies like #Regalix#Teleperformance#wns#cognizant of the world, you’re not responsible for the advertiser’s cash and their ROI. Let’s face it, you have 0 skin in the game.

You actually work to make profits for #Google, not for the advertisers. Truth must be told.

Out here in the agency world, the only reason we exist is because we put in a lot of hard work in making our clients profitable or we lose their business.

You need to learn how we do it and you need to embrace our mission and vision before we let you spend even a penny of our client’s ad budget.

If you want to learn Google Ads the way it's done at the world’s leading agencies, watch this 14-hour playlist on the Guided PPC YouTube channel, free of cost!

PS: Search for GuidedPPC on YouTube or look for the playlist link in the comments below!

No offense intended, for educational purposes only!


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