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My predictions for Google Ads in 2024 🔮

Updated: Jan 17

My predictions for Google Ads in 2024 🔮

Here are my top 5 predictions for Google Ads in 2024:

1. First-party data will be more crucial than ever. As Google Ads goes AI first, privacy screws tighten, it will have to rely heavily on data you provide about your business and customers, to be able to learn and perform well.

2. Performance Max will get more sophisticated with additional features and capabilities because unifying all Google properties into one campaign type was the most futuristic step ever. With AI taking centerstage PMax serves as the most ideal platform to build upon.

3. The Google Reps front will become less aggressive and less annoying because AI might quietly do what they were asked to push for. Also, the news is already out about the downsizing of the workforce at Google.

4. The role of agencies and experts will become more sophisticated than ever. As basic tasks get automated e.g. targeting, ad copy, creative, and structure, agencies will have to use a higher level of thinking to leverage performance out of AI-driven ad platforms.

5. I would expect a new video ads campaign type built entirely around YouTube Shorts, to counter TikTok ads and leverage the fast-growing shorts inventory.

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