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Life is too short to work with people who "Demean You".👇

So if you have somebody who is... and it doesn't matter:

- Your biggest client

- Highest paying job

- Or whatever fancy thing it is

If you feel like they underestimate or belittle you by the way they:

- Talk to you

- give you advice

- tell you what you are good at

- and what you aren't good at

- what you should do in life

- and what you shouldn't do

That's the sign!

What's interesting is that they have a clear agenda, to keep you from doing what you are capable of and you just don't know it yet.

With their words, they might sound like they really understand your potential, care deeply about you, and therefore tell you what's best for you...

But deep down they know what they are doing.

Don't let them dictate your life.

Trust your instincts, understand the design, and walk away.

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