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It feels great to see such messages only when you're a 'Freelancer'

But not when you're a Google Ads Agency Owner.

And please make no mistake - I have some super-talented specialists on my team...

...but what separates me from my team is probably one thing: the 'level of ownership' I have.

I throw in everything I've got to make it work for my clients.

But what about you?

Do you want to be in it only for SALARY?

Try doing it for 'Self-Actualization' instead and see the difference.

This basically means that every Google Ads account you touch:

- Is the case study that you'd like to be proud of one day

- Don't just set it and forget it because nobody is watching

- Stop finding excuses, find ways to make it work instead

- Count every penny of ad spend as money out of your pocket

- Never ignore it by doing the bare minimum because no one is challenging you

- Don't let it sink because well, it doesn't threaten your job

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