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How do you tell folks on your team they're most important without telling them?

Updated: Feb 12

🏆Celebrate their 🏆WINS🏆 I say!

How do you tell folks on your team they're most important without telling them?

One fine Friday at Solutions 8, Kasim was out to attend some event and he asked 'yours truly' and Leandra to lead the weekly town hall.

Back then, Kasim used a PPT to conduct the town hall where he ran through some numbers to give a glimpse of how business was doing and where we were headed as a team.

Well, I decided to have some 'FUN' with this PPT, though in a good way. You see, you gotta take your chances when they come your way!

So, I basically rebuilt the whole PPT and one of the things I introduced that I am really very proud of today is 🏆Celebrating WINS🏆.

I introduced a slide that celebrated wins in this order:

✌️ Your WINS

- Only if the individuals on our team were winning, we could win as a team. Therefore, every little thing that went well for anyone on the team, be it on their client accounts and/or in their personal life (you went on a trip or your dog had puppies - everything was a win) was reported and celebrated as a win.

👏 Our WINS

- Only if we were winning as a team we could win it for our clients. So we celebrated every little thing that went well for Team Solution 8 or for that matter teams within the team (Specialists, Client Managers, Marketing, Sales, etc.)

🚀 Client WINS

- The client wins were celebrated last and on purpose. We celebrated everything that went well for our clients (increase in ad spend, increase in ROAS, customers, etc.) and those who contributed to it.

This was my way (and thankfully Kasim agreed) of telling everyone that individuals on the team came first and it was super important for them to be winning every day, both personally and professionally.

🔥Only when we win individually, we could win as a team, and then ultimately help our clients win.🔥

This is a small change in perspective but it goes a long way in building a culture of positivity, productivity, and high performance.

Although focused entirely on Google Ads, we were a 'Performance Marketing' agency after all!

Does your agency/organization/team celebrate your WINS?


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