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Different Landing Pages for FB and Google Ads

Updated: Jan 18

Different Landing Pages for FB and Google Ads

On Facebook Ads, half of the consideration/conversion most likely takes place on Facebook itself and they decide to leave the platform and go to the landing page mostly to complete the transaction.

However, on Google Ads, consideration mostly starts when they go to the landing page and then conversion happens.

Therefore, with FB Ads you can probably get a good conversion rate even on a landing page that:

✅ Doesn't have a compelling hook

✅ Doesn't make the offer super obvious

✅ Is text-heavy, lacks scannability

However, the same landing page might not convert as well for Google Ads. You may have to:

✅ Describe the offer well (assuming they read nothing in the ad)

✅ Provide a compelling hook that they can't miss

✅ Present all that reason, validation, and proof you can

✅ Provide a clear and prominent CTA, preferably in the first scroll

Disclaimer: So far this is only my hypothesis. I am closely studying 3 different cases at this point and I will come back with my findings to validate this in another post soon!


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