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Google Ads Discovery campaign case study in progress

Updated: Jan 8

Scaled so far from $100/day to $4000/day while hitting the tCPA goal. 🔥🚀

Campaign for eCom store, without feed

👉 Product-specific ad group

👉 Cold targeting (keywords)

👉 Most of the action is from "Optimized Targeting"

Takeaways so far:

✅ If you have a unique product that people want to purchase when they discover it (not generic shampoo bottles available in every nook and corner store), and

✅ You have a solid CRO landing page and checkout funnel, and

✅ You give it a tCPA goal and you give it time, and

✅ You aren't afraid to scale budgets to the recommended amount

🔥Optimized targeting on discovery ads can deliver results and scale profitably.

More details soon!

Google Ads Discovery campaign case study in progress


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