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Funniest Google Ads PPC Memes of 2023

Updated: Jan 18

Here are the top 10 funniest Google Ads PPC memes of 2023 : 1. Google Ads Certification

google ads ppc  funny memes Google Ads Certification

This meme playfully reveals that a Google Ads Expert's certification only proves their googling skills, not their expertise in Google Ads.

2. Google Rep Suggestions

Google Ads ppc  funny memes Google Rep

This meme highlights the benefits of working with agencies like GuidedPPC. It emphasizes the advantages of agencies that prioritize clients' interests.

3. Google Ads Specialists are special

Google Ads ppc  funny memes Google Ads Specialists

In this meme, Client Managers are portrayed as having clean hands while the Google Ads Specialist is humorously depicted as doing all the dirty work, meaning they handle everything.

4. Still fancy Manual CPC?

Google Ads ppc  funny memes Manual CPC

This meme humorously portrays "Manual CPC" as someone's last word, implying a deep frustration or resignation with the intricacies of Google Ads.

5. The old-school Google Ads warriors be like...

Google Ads ppc  funny memes Google Ads Warriors

This meme humorously laments the loss of Broad Match Modifier (BMM) in Google Ads, highlighting the frustration of relying on Phrase Match, which is likened to the disliked Broad Match, leaving marketers feeling helpless.

6. All Quiet on The Google Ads front?

Google Ads ppc  funny memes all quiet on the google ads front

This meme humorously depicts the disappointment of hiring a costly PPC agency, only to find lackluster performance.

7. When you audit a Google Ads account :

Google Ads ppc  funny memes Google Ads Audit

This meme captures the relatable reaction experts have when auditing an account with many campaigns. It showcases the challenges and frustrations faced during audits.

8. Other Google Ads Courses Vs GuidedPPC Google Ads Course

Google Ads ppc  funny memes GuidedPPC Courses

This meme hilariously showcases the stark difference between other Google Ads courses, offering overwhelming "superpowers," and the Guided PPC course, which empowers you with the essential superpowers of a solid foundation and the right mindset for Google Ads success.

9. The Google Ads Sin that's unforgivable!

Google Ads ppc  funny memes Google Ads sin

This meme playfully exposes the cardinal sin of Google Ads: running non-brand keywords in a branded campaign, a practice that is deemed unforgivable by digital marketing experts.

Google Ads ppc  funny memes wishes even the universe can't deliver

This meme hilariously captures the exasperation of a Google Ads professional, hoping that clients refrain from hiring another agency to audit their account and instead invest time in learning Google Ads themselves to enhance their understanding and effectiveness on the platform.

Indulge in a lighthearted escape from the industry's challenges with the Funniest Google Ads PPC Memes of 2023. These memes serve as a delightful reminder to find humor in our experiences, share a laugh with fellow experts, and make our Google Ads journey a little more enjoyable. So, take a moment to enjoy these memes and let laughter brighten your Google Ads adventure.


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