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❓FAQ on Google Ads Internship👇

FAQ on Google Ads Internship

Q: I want to quit my job and do the internship, will I get a job after?

A: Please don’t do this. You should rather do my courses and coaching and learn while you earn. 

Q: How many hours per day?

A: Ideally 8hrs per day, Mon-Fri. 

Q: Can I do it part-time?

A: Yes, you can do 4hrs a day. However, the more time you invest, the more you learn. 

Q: What are the conditions for a refund?

A: You’ll get a full refund after successful completion of 6 months internship. If you drop out midway, you forfeit the fee. 

Q: What are the prerequisites for selection?

A: You should have a learning and growth mindset and you are willing to get your hands dirty and work hard. The more you do, the more you learn. 

Q: I don’t know Google Ads and I have no experience, am I eligible?

A: Yes, you are. You just need a learning and growth mindset and a willingness to work hard. 

Q: What happens when I join the internship?

A: You will have to go through our course and coaching. Also, you’ll work alongside media buyers helping them in their day-to-day stuff. Once you gain confidence, you will be assigned direct accounts to manage. 

Q: Will I get a job after internship?

A: This entirely depends on your performance during the internship, if you do well, we would love to hire you or place you with other agencies. 

More questions? Please ask in the comments. 

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