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DTC brands must ask these 10 questions

Updated: Jan 17

DTC brands must ask these 10 questions to their agency managing Google Ads, before rushing into BFCM sales:

1️⃣ Are they only tracking "Purchases" as conversions?

2️⃣ Are purchase conversions firing at the order confirmation page/event?

3️⃣ Are they tracking "Begin Checkout", "Add to cart", or "Pageviews" as conversions?

4️⃣ Are they tracking duplicate "Purchase" conversions?

5️⃣ Have they tried rewriting product titles with relevant keywords?

6️⃣ Did they try to resolve all possible product feed issues?

7️⃣ Are they planning to stage asset-only AGs for promotions in PMax?

8️⃣ Have they tested YouTube conversion ads with different audiences?

9️⃣ Are they running PMax campaign(s) with just one asset group?

🔟 Are they paying audience insights on PMax and other campaigns?

Did I miss anything important?

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