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⛔️Beware of this Google Ads Agency Trap! 🪤

Updated: Jan 18

Beware of this Google Ads Agency Trap

🤔Here's how it works:

- You're about to hire an agency for Google Ads

- The agency promises all the magic with Google Ads

- But they insist on creating your account under their MCC

🤔How to tell if you've been trapped?

- Simply try asking to get access to your Google Ads account

- Or invite another agency to audit your campaigns

- Or try to change the agency

In all of the above cases, the agency will refuse to give you access to your Google Ads account.

By the time you realize this, it's already too late! 😨

And you're most likely going to lose your Google Ads account. 😡

🤔What are their common excuses?

1) It's created under our agency account so it's ours

So what? You spent all the money on those ads, and the account performance history matters, so it's your freaking account.

2) The account has our intellectual property 

Hello, you paid them to perform these services so it's your intellectual property, not theirs. The reality in most of these cases is that they've messed up big-time and they don't want to expose and embarrass themselves.

🤔What can you do about it?

Nothing. ❌

You'll have to move on.

Lose the invaluable account history.

Start all over again.

Painful right? 

Learn your lesson. 

Never work with an agency that insists on creating your Google Ads account under their MCC.

You've learned your lesson, now please share this post with others.


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