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Best Google Ads PPC Memes of 2023

Updated: Jan 18

Here are the top 10 Best Google Ads PPC memes of 2023 :

1. The Banana Meeting

The Banana Meeting Google ads funny memes

Unveiling the clever humor behind the meme 'Where my ads? On top where banana' and its witty take on advertising placement

2. So you can't write ads? Say hello to ChatGPT

Google ads funny memes Say hello to ChatGpt

Discover how ChatGPT revolutionizes the role of Google Ads specialists with the meme 'I'm a Google Ads Specialist, not a copywriter! Say hello to ChatGPT

3. Be honest if your Google Ads agency is doing great!

Google ads funny memes Google Ads Agency

This meme encourages advertisers to evaluate their agency's performance. It reminds them to assess campaign effectiveness and ROAS. It's a fun way to remind advertisers to aim for greatness.

4. The Google Ads Sin that's unforgivable!

Google ads funny memes The Google Ads Sin

This meme playfully exposes the cardinal sin of Google Ads: running non-brand keywords in a branded campaign, a practice that is deemed unforgivable by digital marketing experts.

5. Ignoring revenue for ROAS?

Google ads funny memes ROAS

This meme humorously illustrates how an exclusive focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) can cause businesses to neglect revenue generation, resulting in a rapid downfall within just 6 months.

6. Google vs Google Ads Agency

Google ads funny PPC memes Google vs Agency

This meme humorously depicts the ongoing battle between Google and Google Ads agencies. It showcases Google's tendency to auto-apply recommendations while contrasting it with the strategies employed by Google Ads agencies, which include ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio), and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

7. Good old days of PPC Advertising

Google ads funny memes Good Old Days of PPC

Reliving the golden era of PPC Advertising in 2009, emphasizing its trackability and the significance of monitoring MER, as portrayed in the meme 'Good old days of PPC Advertising -2009- Try PPC Advertising because everything can be tracked; You should look at MER

8. Google Rep Suggestions

Google ads funny memes Google Rep

This meme highlights the benefits of working with agencies like GuidedPPC. It emphasizes the advantages of agencies that prioritize clients' interests.

9. Google Ads Grandma spotted!

Google ads funny memes Google Ads Grandma spotted

Amidst a humorous exchange, this meme sarcastically reflects on the days when Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) was a revered digital advertising strategy, contrasting with grandma's outdated marketing knowledge.

10. Say It Again, Dexter

Google ads funny memes Google Ads Certfied

Embrace the pride of being Google Ads Certified, with a touch of humor: Dexter proudly proclaims his certification, inspiring others in the meme 'Dexter, Aren't you Google Ads Certified; SAY IT AGAIN; Yesss, I'm a Certified Expert! Take a break from the challenges of the industry and enjoy the Best Google Ads PPC Memes of 2023. These memes are a delightful way to find humor in our experiences, share laughs with fellow experts, and make our Google Ads journey more enjoyable. So, kick back, enjoy the memes, and let laughter brighten your Google Ads adventure.


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