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33-Point Google Ads Audit Checklist

Updated: Jan 19

This is the Google Ads A I've shared with our interns at Guided PPC.

By the time you ask these 33 questions, two things will happen:

1. You will get a solid understanding of the current state of the account

2. You will get the drift to ask further questions yourself.

So, here we go, the 33-point checklist for Google Ads Audit:

1. Does the website look professionally done? Loads fast?

2. Does the website and/or LP show the product/service offering(s) clutter-free?

3. Is there any roadblock/confusion/error in completing a purchase? Filling up forms?

4. Is navigating through the website pages, finding info, and completing tasks easy enough?

5. Does the product/service offering show enough information, trust, and credibility elements to make an informed purchase decision?

6. How does the website/landing stack against its competitors?

7. Are the ads written well enough to promote the product/service offerings?

8. Are the headlines relevant to the product/service offerings?

9. Are the headlines compelling enough to induce a click from the target audience?

10. Is there any confusing/irrelevant word/language used in the ads?

11. How do these ads stack against their competitors selling the same product/service offering?

12. Is there an adequate number/mix of campaigns created?

13. Are the campaigns structured well?

14. Do these campaigns/ad groups have proper targeting? Is there room for improvement

15. Are these campaigns/ads groups missing out on any potential targeting options?

16. Does each campaign have a proper bid strategy?

17. Is the bid strategy and budget aligned with the business goal(s)?

18. Are the campaigns spending their allocated daily budgets?

19. Has the spend changed over time (last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days, 12 months etc.)

20. Are these campaigns getting conversions?

21. Is the conversion tracking working properly?

22. Are there vanity conversions being tracked as primary?

23. Are there duplicable conversion actions tracking purchases/leads?

24. Are these conversions coming at the target CPA/ROAS? Above, why? Below, why?

25. If the spend, clicks, and/or conversions are limited, what could be the reasons?

26. If CPA is high, ROAS is low, CPC is high, CTR is low, what could be the reasons?

27. Are the correct locations being targeted?

28. Are there certain locations doing better/worse than others? At the country, state, city, area, or zip code level?

29. Is there a performance shift during certain hours of the day, the day of the week?

30. Are there some dots you can connect from the change history?

31. Could there have been something in change history that changed the performance trend of campaigns?

32. Are the search terms looking relevant?

33. Are there some search terms that should be excluded or added as targeting based on their performance over certain periods (7d, 14d, 30d, 90d, etc.)

Got the drift? Write some questions you'd ask in the comments!

33 Point Google Ads Audit Checklist


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