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Why should I learn all this to take control of my Digital Assets? Why NOT Delegate / Outsource?

Asked one of the participants during the digital strategy masterclass last Sunday, a retired Brigadier from the Indian Army and now a business coach.

The masterclass with SECURE Framework was about empowering & encouraging entrepreneurs to take control of and secure their digital assets.

Given the spike in cyber crimes, a much-needed checklist for entrepreneurs in my opinion.

However, here I faced, a spirited rebuttal 😌

Although I argued that it was just about letting you hold the strings while others do the heavy lifting for you, brigadier goes on to add:

“I understand that keeping control of something as critical as a domain name is important, but I trust people and they have never let me down in the last 20-odd years.”

“Besides, it's too complicated for me to learn all this at this stage. I am busy and I would rather let someone manage this for me.”

Well, this got me thinking and I need your opinion to validate my thoughts. If it were you:

- Would you trust and let others manage your digital assets? Or

- Would you rather like to take control? 🤔

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