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What does it take to build a million dollar Google Ads agency? Just these 3 things:

A Sales Engine: You need a steady flow of clients because this is how you grow. Also, clients will come and go and that's agency life regardless of how good you are, and therefore you need an engine that’s always flowing clients in.

2. A Kicka$$ Team: For all those promises you make during sales, you need a kicka$$ team to fulfill them. And no, you can’t do it alone at scale, regardless of how good you are. You need a team that can not only deliver but scale those accounts profitably and building such a team is incredibly hard.

3. Systems & Processes: Without systems and processes you will have a bunch of freelancers doing things their own way and on the side. This might seem like working to an extent but it's 100% not scalable. With a bunch of freelancers, you can build an UpWork or Fiverr but not a great Google Ads agency. Also, no big business is built without systems and processes and agencies are not an exception.

Did I miss anything important?

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