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Top 5 Google Ads Memes

Updated: Jan 17

Google Ads can be a challenging world, but sometimes we need a good laugh to lighten the mood. Memes have become a popular way to share relatable experiences in the industry.


Here are the top 5 Google Ads memes from GuidedPPC that experts worldwide can relate to.

1. Google vs Google Ads Agency:

google ads-memes-1-Agency vs Google

This meme humorously depicts the ongoing battle between Google and Google Ads agencies. It showcases Google's tendency to auto-apply recommendations while contrasting it with the strategies employed by Google Ads agencies, which include ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio), and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

2. Be honest if your Google Ads agency is doing great :

google ads-memes-2-My Google Agency

This meme encourages advertisers to evaluate their agency's performance. It reminds them to assess campaign effectiveness and ROAS. It's a fun way to remind advertisers to aim for greatness.

3. Google Rep Suggestions :

google ads-meme-3- GuidedPPC vs Google reps

This meme highlights the benefits of working with agencies like GuidedPPC. It emphasizes the advantages of agencies that prioritize clients' interests.

4.  Google Ads Certification

google ads-meme-3-Googleadscertification

This meme playfully reveals that a Google Ads Expert's certification only proves their googling skills, not their expertise in Google Ads.

5. When you audit a Google Ads account :

google ads-meme-3-accountauditPmax

This meme captures the relatable reaction experts have when auditing an account with many campaigns. It showcases the challenges and frustrations faced during audits.

These Top 5 Google Ads memes from GuidedPPC offer a lighthearted break from the industry's challenges. They remind us to find humor in our experiences and share a laugh with fellow experts. So, take a moment to enjoy these memes and remember that laughter can make our Google Ads journey a little more enjoyable.


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