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Of all the things I did at Solutions 8, one thing I am really proud of today when I look back is..


I started the Kudos channel on our Slack workspace because I wanted to:

- Appreciate any good deeds that I came across

- Create a culture of focusing on good vs the bad and ugly

- Encourage folks on my team to strive for earning their Kudos

And most importantly: 💐 Make Someone's Day! 💐

I started alone but Kasim followed suit and soon we were competing as to who wrote the most Kudos.

And when the CEO starts appreciating every act of goodness, everyone else gets that bit of encouragement to do so as well.

And a culture of appreciation is built.

You may have other things going in a physical office but for a remote setup, a kudos channel is a must in my opinion.

Does your organization/team have a culture of kudos?

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