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🔥Knowing your competitors intimately

And fine-tuning your offering is critical for lead-gen campaigns!

😱That’s what we discovered the hard way on our Google Ads group coaching call yesterday!

The lead gen campaign we reviewed was for a white-label digital marketing agency with an AOV of $6,000.

To be able to nurture your prospects toward a $6k sale, you gotta know:

✅ Who are your direct competitors

✅ What’s their product/service offering

✅ What do they say in their ads

✅ How do they elaborate on their LPs

✅ What’s your competitive advantage

✅ And therefore how should you position your product/service offerings

If your competitors are talking about how they add value with their white-label services…

You can’t just get any traction by offering to download your price guide.

Unless of course, you have a super low price advantage!

You’d rather be doing more damage than any good by talking about price in your ads or on your LPs.

Talking about price in your ads actually attracts cheap prospects - rightly said, Sam De Meyer

Therefore, you gotta get to the bottom of what makes your product/service offerings unique/competitive and talk about that everywhere.

Unless you get it right, there is very little you can do within the box of Google Ads.

No matter how great is your campaign structure, mix, targeting, ads, and bid strategies.

💪And that’s how we roll in our Google Ads coaching calls.

🤿We dive really deep into everything we pick up!!!

Rather than just talking about some ninja-level Google Ads strategies!

🤩Hope you all are getting the value out of it folks (on the coaching program).

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