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How you handle rejection says a lot about you!

Updated: Feb 21

Do you:

- Become furious?

- Send a million messages?

- Start calling names?

- Play blame game?

- Point fingers?

Or do you:

- Retain your composure?

- Seek detailed feedback?

- Review & reflect?

How you handle rejection says a lot about you!

I just told a candidate after making an offer that his position was on hold for a week.

Just on hold, for a week.

And all hell broke loose.

He started sending me messages!

Made me responsible for giving up on 2 offers he had!

Wrote long messages to the CEO and deleted them later!

Called me names!

And the list goes on.

I tried explaining to him that it was just that the circumstances changed and the position was on hold for now.

But no, he wouldn’t listen.

This is exactly how you shouldn’t react when you face rejection.

Although this candidate didn’t pass my test on his Google Ads skills, I still tried to make it work…


1. Because he came highly recommended by my ex-colleagues.

2. To be honest, skills can be taught.

And that’s what I do in my Guided PPC Google Ads Academy.

But character and attitude can’t be taught.

Well, something just didn’t feel right in this case and therefore I decided to stress test his demeanor.

And in no time he gave me all the reasons why I shouldn’t hire him.

If you've worked for an agency you know that agency life is filled with rejections.

Clients can give you a hard time on your strategy, try to micromanage you, and sometimes even fire you, regardless of you doing everything right and delivering great results.

That’s just agency life.

How would this candidate manage our clients and their expectations if he couldn’t handle one soft rejection being told that his position was on hold?

Well, this ladies and gents was a deliberate test and it now become a critical part of my hiring process.

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone yet 🤫


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