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❓FAQ❓I am frequently hit with these questions

Updated: Jan 8

about Internships, Courses, and Coaching Programs at Guided PPC. So here you go! 👇

Q: Can I get an internship? I want to learn Google Ads.

A: If you are really serious about a career in Google Ads then help yourself and go through our Google Ads Specialist bundle which includes two courses and 1 month of coaching calls.

Q: I don’t want any salary, can I work with Guided PPC?

A: No, just because you want to work for free is not exciting for us to hire you. We only consider hiring candidates who have a solid understanding of Google Ads for internship and those with 2+ years of hands-on experience for the specialist role.

Q: I am working as PPC expert with years of experience. How can I learn from you?

A: You can learn from me on the coaching program, it’s designed for experienced folks like you only.

Q: Is any coupon code available for the Bundle or the Coaching Program?

A: No coupon code. This is a super-discounted price for what it's worth and it's discounted because I want to help specialists like you level up!

Q: I have enrolled in the Google Ads Specialist Bundle. When the group coaching will start?

A: For group coaching, I will suggest that you complete the first batch course and then let me know. I can add you to the group coaching call right after that. The group coaching happens every Tuesday and Thursday at 8.30 pm IST

Q: Can I connect with you on a call?

A: My calendar is full for weeks, but once you're on the coaching calls, we will speak every Tuesday and Thursday at 8.30 p.m. I have reserved this time for all aspirants who want to level up in Google Ads.

Q: Do you have a dedicated course for shopping ads?

A: You can try our Google Ads Specialist bundle, It covers everything plus it has a one-month coaching program where you can get hands-on experience in discussing strategies for real-life shopping campaigns.

Q: I have completed a Digital Marketing course from XYZ, can I get an internship at Guided PPC?

A: Most institutes and online courses only teach you surface-level Google Ads which isn’t enough for an internship with Guided PPC. I would encourage you to go through our Google Ads Specialist bundle and then apply for an internship.

Q: I’m looking for an internship in Google Ads, do I have to purchase your courses?

A: Not necessarily, you can learn from YouTube as well. There are lots of free videos on the Guided PPC channel as well as on Solutions 8 and SF Digital Studio’s channels. My courses only give you a structured learning path.

So the choice is yours.

❓FAQ❓I am frequently hit with these questions


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