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10 Do’s ✅ and Don'ts ❌ when Dealing with Rejection

Updated: Feb 14

10 Do’s ✅ and Don'ts ❌ when Dealing with Rejection

❌ Don’t Insult Them

It sounds obvious, right? Not everyone does it, but there is a small group of people who sadly will resort to petty name-calling after they’ve not gotten the answer they wanted. You can’t be looking up to that person one minute and then completely change your mind because of the words ‘no thanks’. All they’ve said is no; it doesn’t mean it’s personal and it doesn’t mean you necessarily did anything wrong. Sometimes it’s something you can’t control at all.

✅ Do Accept the Rejection

The only way you’ll get over rejection is by accepting it. When you’re told the news, it might hurt, it might piss you off and those are all feelings you’re allowed to have. Take a couple of seconds if you need to but make sure you’re mature and calm in your response.

✅ Do Be Honest

Just be honest with yourself about how you feel. Acknowledge those feelings and make sure you handle them correctly. Don’t let them manifest themselves into anger over something so little.

❌ Don’t Try to Change Their Mind

A thought-out and intense message asking them to reconsider isn’t going to help your cause, sadly. Rejection is also redirection and it can lead to better things you deserve.

❌ Don’t Rule Out Friendship

As long as you don’t make a big problem about it and deal with the rejection maturely, then this person can still be in your life if they want to be. Sometimes, it can be the start of a really good friendship so don’t go cutting any ties because it didn’t work.

✅ Do Remember That They Don’t Owe You Anything

There’s a correct way to find out why you’ve been rejected if that’s what you’re wanting from the situation. Just accept the ‘no’, phrase the question in a mature and calm way and, if they don’t want to give you that answer, try not to force it out of them - they don’t have to tell you.

❌ Don’t Overthink It

Rejection is a completely normal thing to happen and, what's more, it happens to everyone. Everyone. Sometimes, it can feel like a big deal. Try to remember that there could be a million reasons as to why it didn't work. There’s more to be learned from failure than success. You are not to blame and rejection does not define you.

✅ Do Understand It Wasn’t Meant to Be

If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work; focus on the other opportunities. There will be something out there that is meant to happen and, just because it’s not what you want right now, it doesn't mean it’s not right for you when it does come along.

✅ Do Realise That Rejection is Normal

Completely normal and it happens to everyone. OK, that was the last time I promise. As long as you promise to remember that.

✅ Do remember that not all rejection is romantic

Rejection is a part of a lot of life. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but one that we all have to taste in life. Remember that the more you focus on handling it well, the better you’ll become at handling it well.

Source: Ditch The Label


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