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Google Ads Agency for
Early Stage DTC Brands

We've helped 50+ DTC e-commerce brands scale beyond 6 and 7 figures profitably with Google Ads. Get A Free Action Plan!

“It's not just the Google ads they help us with but also the website that might be stopping us from succeeding. It's been a pleasure working with GuidedPPC and I really appreciate it.”

Debbe Simmons  |  Bicycle Warehouse

😍 DTC Brands That Love Us!


What Makes Us The Best Google Ads Agency for Early-Stage DTC Brands? 

1. Our Pricing Works for You

We charge $1000 or 5% of the monthly ad spend, whichever is greater. We truly support small businesses.

3. World-class Expertise

We come from world-class PPC agencies therefore you'll work with the same talent and expertise you'd find there!

5. No Contracts or Lock-Ins

We earn your trust and justify our value to your business every month. You can cancel anytime.

7. We're Always Around

Unlike other agencies, we never dissappear on you. You'll hear back from us in less than 24 hours!

2. 100% Google Ads Focus

Google Ads is the only thing we do and therefore we are way ahead of other PPC agencies.

4. We Love Small Businesses

Unlike big agencies, we take pride and make it our mission to help your small business grow.

6. You Own Everything

Your account belongs to you, unlike other agencies that refuse to hand over the accounts.

8. No Limits or Gimmicks

Talk to us, message us, ask us as often as you like. There are no limits or gimmicks.

Ready to scale your DTC Brand beyond 6 and 7 figures? 

👍 Don't Take Our Word For It!

How It Works

👍 Do-It-Yourself Google Ads

Google Ads Academy for Brands, Agencies, and Specialists

Manage Google Ads inhouse with our 1-on-1 coaching or level up your Google Ads game with our Google Ads Mastery

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🤍 Whitelabel Google Ads

Why Take The Pain of Hiring & Building A Team of Specialists? Leave It To Us!

Offer world-class Google Ads management to your clients
and save at least 50% on fees!

  • Leverage our 12+ years of experience and world-class Google Ads Expertise

  • Avoiding the hassle of building and managing an in-house Google Ads team

  • And we would love to pass on our cost of living advantage to you!

With our white-label Google Ads agency service, you can divert all your energy on finding clients for Google Ads, we will do the rest, 100% Whitelabel Way!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your agency while saving costs.

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